Our Team

Our team is comprised of industry leading experts that provide specialized skills to meet the needs of your projects. Learn about our executive team and their backgrounds below.


Vincent C. Wilson, President

Vincent C. Wilson, President and founding member of Global Communications Group, Inc.

Mr. Wilson is a forty year veteran of Global Communications. His primary focus is Planning and Engineering of international communications networks. Mr. Wilson’s extensive background includes a thirty-two year career with AT&T. While at AT&T Mr. Wilson was responsible for Planning and Engineering for the Americas Region. Some of the international systems developed by Mr. Wilson include Americas I & II, Antillas, Bahamas II, Columbus I & II, MAYA 1 and Pan-American Cable Systems.

In 1998, Mr. Wilson founded International Communications Consultants, ICC. As President, Mr. Wilson and his team lead the Planning of the ARCOS -1 Cable System. Mr. Wilson’s vision, pioneered the concept of consortium and private ownership utilized in the ARCOS - 1 Cable System.

Mr. Wilson brings a wealth of knowledge, international experience and organizational skills in the global telecommunications industry to GCG. These experiences have provided Mr. Wilson various invitations to speak at international conferences in telecommunications.


Jeff Needel, VP of Marketing & Merger Integration

Mr. Jeff Needel is an experienced marketing executive with more than 30 years in the telecommunications industry. He possesses diverse strategic and market planning experience, coupled with extensive involvement in global alliance / joint venture / acquisition integration and implementation.

Mr. Needels’s experience includes strategic assessment of the Wireless industry, global business opportunities, competitive assessment, organizational implications, new service / concept assessment, and strategic alliance planning. He has created strategic market assessments focusing on competitive initiatives, customer trends, satellite services, and implications of transformational technology.

Jeff has served as Global Director of Wireless IP Strategy and Marketing, and as Global Director of International Services Strategy and Producer Management, for several major global services providers. He has directed the development of integrated, multiple business unit globalization strategies focused on potential global / regional alliances and product / service opportunities, assessment of international strengths and weaknesses, competitive trends and needs, joint venture opportunities, customer needs and market sizing.

Jeff holds a Masters Degree in Management Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and is a member of several professional and industry societies.


G. Colin Reeve, VP Engineering and Planning

Mr. Reeve brings to GCG over 40 years experience in the global telecommunications industry. During the last 10 years at WorldCom and MCI, Mr. Reeve was responsible for the policy, planning, financial analysis, capital budget, acquisition and contractual commitments for the company’s worldwide international facilities. He was also responsible for supporting sound financial, operational and competitive position of the company. Mr. Reeve has served on multiple management and technical committees associated with all the submarine cable systems around the world including some transcontinental terrestrial systems. Mr. Reeve has also chaired General Committee meetings and coordinated several multi national Cable Systems/Networks worldwide.

Prior management experience includes; restoration, sales and marketing responsibilities, including; H.F. Radio, Satellite and Submarine Cable. Other management experience has been with; BT, Northern Telecom, Teleglobe, PYE/TMC, GTE, Lear Siegler, MCI, WorldCom.

Mr. Reeve has held positions as General Manager, V.P. & General Partner, Director Int’l Network Development Satellite and Submarine Cables, Int’l Sales and Marketing Manager, Group Leader/Terminal Systems for Submarine Cables and H.F. Radio and Product Manager. Mr. Reeve is a graduate of City and Guilds London Institute in Telecommunications, Sir George Williams University, Bsc. In addition, he is credited with multiple technical industry courses, Counselor Selling, Import/Export Customs and Wharton & Carnegie Melon management courses.


Dave Brache, VP Business Development

Dave Brache is a Telecommunications Executive with over 25 years experience in international business development. Mr. Brache is among the few American businessmen granted a license to conduct telecom business directly with
Cuba. As such, he was able to successfully obtain US and Cuban government approval to launch, an innovative hybrid mail service between the two countries, in 2002.

Mr. Brache, following an 18 year career with AT&T
accepted the position of Vice President, International Business and Facility Development with COM TECH International. In this capacity, Mr. Brache planned, recommended and oversaw international facility investments on behalf of COM TECH. Following COM TECH, Mr. Brache joined Florida Teleport as CEO and Board member. During his tenure International facilities in Delaray Beach Florida, Freeport, Grand Bahamas were established.

In February of 2002, Mr. Brache founded CRONE, Inc. after successfully delivering arguments to the U.S. State
and Treasury Departments that resulted in the issuance of the first and only U.S. Government License authorizing the establishment of RapidGram. This service is offered under a bi-lateral operating agreement between CRONE and ETECSA, the Cuban Telecommunications Administration.

Mr.Brache's vast experience in telecommunications as well as his extensive dealings in Latin America, greatly enhances the reach and depth of GCG. Clients of Global Communications Group seeking business in the Caribbean and Latin America Region will directly benefit from his expertise.


George Schmelzer, Director

Mr. George Schmelzer has over 20 years of telecommunications experience with GTE Hawaiian Telephone, GTE Long Distance and Williams Communications. For most of his career, George has been responsible for international network planning, engineering and operations for both data and voice networks. He has been involved in most aspects of international undersea cable projects for over 50 cable systems around the world.

Mr. Schmelzer is a graduate of Purdue University, College of Engineering, with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. In addition, he has a MBA from the University of Hawaii. He currently resides in Hawaii.


Brian P. Griffiths, Director & European Liason

Mr. Brian Griffiths is a successful Telecommunications executive with corporate and consulting experience. Most recently, Mr Griffiths, as part of a team, designed and launched an Internet based business in several countries around the world. Mr. Griffiths also consulted with Pangea LTD, providing Right Of Way access in Sweden and Norway.

Prior work history includes: Director-Carrier Relations for GTS Monaco Access, Monoco-International Business Development for TELE2 AB, Sweden and International Relations for Mercury Communications LTD, UK. Plus a 20 year career with Cable & Wireless in a variety of Engineering roles.

Mr. Griffiths holds a City & Guilds London Institute Full Technical Certificate, C&W Engineering College and GCE O&A Levels from Bedford School, UK, he also has a working knowledge of French.


Octavio Cosme Robles, Director

Octavio Cosme has 44 years of experience in international telecommunications service provisioning. He has participated in the development, engineering and the installation of transport infrastructure and communications systems throughout Puerto Rico, the USA Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. He has enabled independent carriers to effectively compete in the USA, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador telecom markets.

Mr. Cosme has been an International Telecommunications Consultant since his retirement as General Manager of WorldCom Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in 1994. Prior to that Mr. Cosme held positions at All America Cables and Radio (ARC&R), International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), Western Union, Motor Columbus AG, and IDB. Mr. Cosme has served multiple management positions during his career lifetime and has significantly contributed to the positioning of competing carriers after the deregulation of the USA Telecom Market and the Modified Final Judgment of 1983.

As Independent Telecommunications Consultant ITCC, he has served Telefonica Larga Distancia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telefonica of Spain, Centennial of Puerto Rico, Centennial Dominican Republic, Centennial Florida, AT&T of Puerto Rico, J&J Telecom, Artcom Syntel, Tricom Dominican Republic, Tricom USA and Tricom Central America.